The Supercharged HSV GTS

Unless you have been sleeping under a rock you will know the local arm of General Motors, Holden, have cease to exist in the Australian market. The Australian icon that is the holden commodore have always been classified as a national treasure and with their stop in production have become the envy of all car enthusiasts to acquire one for themselves.


Starting its life out as a humble commodore sedan the HSV GTS is nothing to sleep on when it comes to a high-performance vehicle. The GTS was HSV’s most powerful car with its original V8-engine that was introduced in Australia in 1992. The sedan has an amplitude of attitude being powered by a push-rod LSA V8 engine. The GTS comes in a 6-speed manual or 6 speed automatic, allowing you to choose the control you take over this vehicle.


The on-road experience is one that is unmatched, giving a brutal performance while also being brilliant in engineering. HSV claims a 0-100km/h time of 4.4 seconds, putting into perspective the sheer speed and power behind this vehicle. The noise output of the car is a true old school V8 rumble making it the envy of all in earshot.


The supercharged GTS answers to no-one as it delivers extreme power gains and scandalous amounts of torque above the LSA outputs. But if you want your HSV to be even faster why not pair the GTS with the Walkinshaws 557 package. This gives you a car that is almost unstoppable. As the name of this package suggests the W557 offers an amazing 557KW’s of power at 6200rpm and torque of 930Nm at 4000rpm. The package is designed to increase the performance potential and exceed customer expectations while never compromising on drivability. This upgrade to the car offers ceramic coated headers, dual active cat back exhaust, ECU calibration, LSA solid isolator coupling, cold air intake, cam sprocket, camshaft bolt set and crankshaft bolt plus high-flow injectors.


We recently had our hands on one of these bad boys. Sitting pretty in our warehouse was a red 2014 HSV GTS with the W557 package but you bet it didn’t last long, being snapped up in less than 24 hours.

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