The year is out, the tallies in. Which brands will you see rolling around town this year, oozing refinement and class at every turn? 2017 was an interesting year for the luxury car market. Overall sales for motor vehicles increased to a new record high of 1,189,116 units, with just over 10% of sales representing luxury cars.

2017 saw a continuation of the trend of SUVs dominating the market. Newer submissions into the SUV scene including the Jaguar F-Pace and long-established favourites like the BWM X5, Mercedes-Benz GLE and Audi Q7, SUV sales represented nearly half of all luxury cars rolled out of dealerships in the 2017 model year.

Who were the most successful manufacturers for 2017?


Best Seller: Mercedes-Benz

For many the very final word in luxury motoring, Mercedes-Benz, is celebrating its best year ever in Australia. Look out for the smooth lines of the C-class or the luxury GLE family movers, Mercedes-Benz market share was one in three luxury vehicles sold last year.


Strong Growth: Rolls-Royce, Alfa Romeo and Maserati

It wasn’t just the Germans who supplied Australia with their indulgences. The very finest of British motoring, Rolls-Royce saw 21.6% sales growth.

Not to be left behind, the Italians sauntered through a few goals themselves. On the back of the fantastic Giulia, Alfa Romeo saw a huge boost to sales this year, up 48.7%. The streets will be grateful to Maserati in the coming years. That distinctive burble will be heard and side vents glimpsed at every turn on the back of a staggering 53.2% increase in trident badges on the road for 2017.


Strong Competitors: Ferrari, Bentley and McLaren

Some honourable mentions in their respective stables. Ferrari likewise broke its own regional best, moving a total of 210 prancing horses, 11.7% up from last year. More strength from the British motoring scene, McLaren selling speed in luxury and Bentley offering luxury at speed grew 24.7% and 15.3% respectively.


Low Sellers: Audi, BMW and Jaguar

Unfortunately, there were some companies that felt a turn for the worse. 2017 saw Audi’s strategy for toppling its keenest rival BMW put to the backburner in favour of brand consolidation and improving sustainable future growth. Likewise, BMW fell 15.7% and Jaguar 17.5%.


Purchasing a Luxury Car in 2018

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