What makes us stand out from other luxury vehicle dealerships is our genuine and relaxed attitude towards our valued customers. We pride ourselves on our non-stop support and understanding every step of the way when purchasing a prestige vehicle.

We may be new in Perth but we’ve had over 40 years experience selling and buying luxury vehicles. We’re always there to bestow our extensive and contemporary knowledge to help our customers.

What makes luxury vehicles so irresistible? They can turn heads with a sound, radiate sophistication with their styling, or light up a street with colour. They delight everyone with their presence from the experienced eye of the motoring enthusiast to the hero-worshipping child.

What we struggle to articulate, we understand to the bone. Xoticar is the specialist you want to trust with sourcing, maintaining and selling of your next prized vehicle.
With over 40 years of experience in the luxury car market, Xoticar has become the market leader in luxury, classic and muscle car auctions across Australia. We have showrooms located south of Perth, and our renowned first-class service reaches all corners of the metropolitan area.

As both merchants and collectors of luxury vehicles, we understand the elation of buying your new indulgence. Our service is relaxed, genuine, and ongoing as we guide you through the process of selecting and receiving your new prestige automobile.

Pre-Owned Luxury Cars

Elegant, dynamic, powerful. The beauty of a luxury vehicle is not the same as purchasing a family runabout. These cars age gracefully, remain precision control, and demonstrate taste far beyond their first showroom. With brands like Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW and many more, we have a product to suit any budget with grace and style.

The beauty of the European luxury car market is in its versatility. Desire something understated and elegant? Perhaps a Mercedes C-class or BMW 7-series. Maybe you want to turn heads with the roar of your engine? Then Aston Martin DB9 or any of the Lamborghini stable. Or possibly you are after something to both move the family and experience dynamic performance and comfort? Audi Q7 or Porsche Cayenne are your solution.
No matter your particular tastes, we can find just the perfect vehicle solution.

Muscle and Classic Car Specialists

We adore cars. Their shape, their strength, their history. Our classic and muscle car collection is testament to our dedication. If you are after a story of raw power, exhilarating torque, a steeped in the roots of American or Australian culture, we acquire only the best examples of pure bred vehicles.

Passing through our showrooms you will see the highest quality examples of Australian classics like the increasingly rare Holden Monaro or Toranas. Fords from both sides of the Pacific are ample including classic Mustangs and Falcons. Chevrolet, Pontiac, Plymouth all feature in our offerings.

Luxury Car Auctions

In the market for a luxury ride? Perhaps you haven’t set your heart on one vehicle? Maybe you enjoy the thrill of the chase as much as the power on the road?
Xoticar regularly host prestige vehicle auctions. The auctions showcase automobiles only the best of public collections. These events have a reputation for showcasing rare, immaculately preserved, presented or restored vehicles at prices that can be pleasingly surprising.

Click here to register your interest in an Xoticar luxury vehicle auction.

For the very best in taste, selection, quality and service, contact us today. Located in Welshpool.

At Xoticar we understand the thrill when you purchase your new vehicle. We want to support you when you drive your dream.

Xoticar - Our Team