Searching for your next car can be overwhelming. With such varied prices coming from private sellers, it can be tempting to bite the bullet and buy from an individual.

But, unlike car dealerships, private sellers aren’t able to provide the same kind of confidence and guarantee that cars are in good shape. And, when it comes to making such an important – and expensive – investment, why take the risk?

Find out why buying from a car dealership is worth it and how it could save you time, money and headaches.


What Exactly is a Car Dealership?

A car dealership is a business that sells new or used cars. Not only just reserved for their own kind, branded car dealerships also often sell used cars from other makes. As a local car dealership in Perth, Xoticar specialises in selling a wide range of classic, muscle and luxury cars.


More Competitive Options

Often, when you choose to go to a car dealership, you’re able to get a competitive price on both new and used cars by bargaining a little with your car salesperson. You’ll also have a wider range of vehicles to choose from.

Compared to a private seller, the price from a car dealership will often be more realistic and in line with market standards. At Xoticar, we’re committed to providing our clients with the most competitive deals on a range of classic, muscle and luxury cars.


Standard Systems and Processes

By both industry standards and law, car dealerships are required to adhere to a standard set of systems and processes for every car purchase. When you purchase a car from a dealership, you’re entitled to a number of legal protections that have your best interests in mind. Car dealerships are required to complete stringent inspections, repairs and car history checks before making a sale. And, for added convenience, they also take care of ownership and title transfer paperwork. Car dealerships can also include extras like roadside assistance, customisations and special additions that private sellers can’t.

Plus, if a car dealership sells you a dud or gives you a bad deal, their reputation and business is on the line. While an individual can completely ghost you with no consequences, car dealerships need to provide quality client care to protect their business’ name.


Transparency and Authenticity

Just like any other business, a car dealership’s reputation is impacted by online reviews and word of mouth experiences from previous and current clients. While there are minimal consequences for a rude private seller, an unpleasant experience at a car dealership can make or break a business.

As an established car dealership in Perth, Xoticar encourages clients to post genuine and detailed reviews in order to give an insight into our services and expertise. Many of our clients are also referred to us through word of mouth.


Find Your Next Muscle, Classic or Luxury Car from our Car Dealership in Perth  

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