While luxury cars evoke images of speeding along cliffs and beaches, they do more than just look and feel good. In fact, luxury cars are some of the safest, most reliable and powerful vehicles on the entire market. Whatever your driving requirements, from navigating through busy city streets to cruising down country highways, luxury cars offer superior performance, comfort and convenience in almost every aspect.

If you’ve got the purchasing power, invest in a luxury car that offers the ultimate in safety and performance. Not only for aesthetics, find out more about the practical reasons for buying luxury cars with help from the professionals at Xoticar.


Superior Quality

Investing in a luxury car means an investment in the safety and structure of your vehicle. Compared to non-luxury counterparts, luxury vehicles tend to feature more refined and advanced safety features to protect drivers and passengers. Particularly important for families, luxury cars like the Audi Q7 or Porsche Cayenne offer space and comfort without sacrificing on protection. More advanced and comprehensive safety features translate into better crash-test results – a key consideration when it comes to investing in a car.

According to Consumer Reports, 71% of vehicles with superior safety features – including stability and traction control, anti-lock braking systems and curtain and side-front airbags – are priced at $30,000 and above.

It’s impossible to put a price on safety, especially when it comes to staying protected on the roads. With luxury cars, you get added peace of mind that your vehicle is fitted with leading safety features for a more confident and secure drive.


Unbeatable Perks and Convenience

In order to continuously offer an upscale experience to luxury car buyers, dealers are beginning to include a range of perks and convenient benefits that extend well after you’ve purchased your car.

A common inclusion is responsive and reliable roadside assistance services. Teams with an in-depth and specialised understanding of your vehicle are dispatched to your location to provide quality roadside assistance. Coming equipped with the tools, knowledge and equipment necessary for your luxury car, this translates to faster support with the help of experts in your vehicle.

In addition to roadside assistance, luxury car dealers step up customer service when it comes to maintenance. While most luxury cars are engineered to require minimal maintenance and servicing, manufacturers still recommend servicing at regular intervals to keep cars in the best shape. Luxury car dealers are now offering a range of perks and benefits to make maintenance less of a hassle and more of a luxury experience. From complimentary vehicles to pampering while you wait, maintenance is a whole lot more fun with a luxury car.


High Performance with Premium Features

Luxury car buyers demand industry leading features and high performance. This means that even when a luxury car is a few years old, it’ll be miles ahead in terms of additions and features compared to new mainstream models. From rear-view cameras and sensors to entertainment packages and inclusions, luxury cars always take it one step further to stay ahead of the pack.

Engineered for high performance capabilities, luxury cars feature engines refined and tested to strict industry standards. If you’re looking for a car that turns heads with its impressive performance, such as an Aston Martin DB9 or a Lamborghini, luxury vehicles come with everything you need to drive with power.


A Symbol of Status

Luxury cars stand out and exude an air of refinement and success. Whether you choose something understated or a bold and head-turning model, your car tells your story of success and status. But not just in the eyes of others, owning a luxury car is an indescribable feeling. With superior finishes, premium inclusions and maximum performance, purchasing a luxury car is rewarding yourself for hard work that’s paid off.


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