Looking at cars for sale in Perth? From private sales and car dealers to buying services and auctions, finding the best deal can be tricky. If you’ve found a model that you’re interested in, do your research to ensure that it ticks all the boxes. If you can, take it out for a drive and make sure that its features and benefits meet your needs.

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Finding the Right Car at the Best Price


Buying a car at auction is a great way to secure an incredible price on your dream car. Exposing you to a wide range of quality vehicles looking to sell at competitive prices, you can score a great deal on a valuable car to suit all lifestyles.

If you’re looking to buy a classic or luxury car, auctions are often your best bet. You’ll find a huge range of rare and prestige cars available at some of the most competitive prices at auctions across the country.

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Private Sellers

A private sale involves buying directly from the owner of the car. Carrying significantly more risk than buying at an auction or buying from a dealer, a private sale requires you to rely on your own expertise to ensure that the car you’re interested in is in top shape. Private sales also mean that you won’t get a warranty, so you’ll have to pay for any repairs out-of-pocket should anything happen.

If you’ve found a car from a private seller, be sure to check all current registration papers, safety check reports, roadworthy certificates and proof of ownership documents. You’ll also need to check that the car won’t be repossessed with the Australian Government Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR).


Car Dealers

While licensed dealers can be more expensive, they minimise your responsibility to complete checks on documentation and history. The downside is that dealers might not always have your best interests in mind, instead steering you towards existing cars in stock rather than recommending the ideal car.

If you’re thinking of buying a car from a car dealer, make sure to conduct your own thorough research and stick to your decided budget. Don’t feel pressured to make a decision before you feel completely confident in your choice.


Car Buying Services

Not sure what car suits you best? There are a number of car buying services that offer guidance and support in selecting and securing the right car. With varying fees and costs applicable, be sure to thoroughly evaluate reviews and customer experiences before committing to a service.


Explore Quality Cars for Sale in Perth

When it comes to searching for your next car, do your research and feel confident in your decision before committing to anything. From private sales and car dealers to competitive prices at auctions, information and knowledge can result in big savings.

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